Fitting new fascia and gutter to a 3 story residence building.

We arrange safe access by way of a scaffold.


The fascia has been glued and poly-top nailed into place and the gutter has been fitted to a new improved run and tested.


Eaves Protectors fitted under the roof felt and tiles to lift the felt back into position where it has rotten, ponded or dropped behind the fascia board. These act as a drip edge tray to assure the rain water falls into the gutter and the timbers dont become affected by rain water that gets through

Bird Comb Guards fitted to prevent small birds entering to nest.


These are screwed in place and the tiles are pulled back on top.


We fit Bird Comb Guards as standard with Eaves Protectors when the roof tiles have the contour design

A new GRP valley and felt is being fitted to this roof.


The battens have beeen replaced ready for the tiles to be put back.



Seagull spikes:

This heavy duty spike system in fitted in areas where seagulls and other birds tend to perch and nest causing a nuisance.


Its usually fiitted on roof ridges, on the edge of roofs where the birds sit and look down in seach of food and around chimneys where they may try and nest.


We use a strong water-proof glue that holds the spike system firmly in place in all conditions. They can also be screwed in place if appropriate.


Other bird deterrent systems are available. Ask for details.

Painting & Decorating

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